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Magazin Alimentar Online - Super Market Online - Casa de Comenzi Online Bucuresti si Ilfov - Magazin Online


Who are we?

Magazinulalimentaronline.ro is a home online orders and began work on the Romanian market in January 1 2010.Cu a majority romanesc.Prin this site we undertake to provide our customers quality service, a modern lifestyle elegant and efficient. A lifestyle that does not lose valuable time in traffic or among supermarket shelves. Magazinulalimentaronline.ro make routine weekly or monthly purchase of food and nonfood consumer a pleasant experience: convenience shopping, Delivery directly to your home or office door, excellent service and prices.
magazinalimentaronline.ro is an online shop that you need. Now you are not forced to waste time sitting on huge queues in shops, supermarkets and the infernal traffic in Bucharest.
The "all in your home" will offer a professional and dedicated supply for home or office with food, food, supplies, hygiene products, etc.. low prices in the shortest time posibil.Acest service is addressed both individuals and legal entities.
For special orders, suggestions or complaints, please contact us by phone or E-mail to comenzi@magazinalimentaronline.ro.

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Our Address

J23/1534/06.06.2011, RO 28594558
Punct de lucru: str. LIBERTATII nr.3,Camera 1 , oras Pantelimon, judet Ilfov, cod postal 077145

Tel: 021.352.29.53

Fax: 021.351.83.56

Mobil: 0729.35.44.88 / 0729.35.45.87

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